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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ First Reactions: ‘Total Home Run’

21 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Spider-Man: Homecoming” won’t have any trouble getting a date to the big dance: Early reactions hit the internet on Friday evening, and many in the superhero film press are deeply enmeshed in its charming web. “#SpiderManHomecoming gets it right. It’s gets it All right. It is the greatest, funniest, most exciting Spidey movie. A total home run,” tweeted Cinemablend’s Sean O’Connell after a New York City media screening. #SpiderManHomecoming gets it right. It's gets it All right. It is the greatest, funniest, most exciting Spidey movie. A total home run. — Sean O'Connell (@Sean_OConnell) June 24, 2017 Film critic Mike Ryan from Uproxx. »

- Umberto Gonzalez

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‘Wonder Woman’ breaks ‘Mamma Mia!’ record as top-grossing live-action film by female director

8 hours ago | Gold Derby | See recent Gold Derby news »

Patty Jenkins‘ “Wonder Woman” just surpassed Phyllida Lloyd‘s “Mamma Mia!” to become the highest grossing movie directed by a woman. That tune-filled 2008 picture established Meryl Streep as an international box office draw with total takings of just under $610 million. “Wonder Woman,” which features Gal Gadot as the title character, has made just over […] »

- Paul Sheehan

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Syfy Orders George R.R. Martin’s ‘Nightflyers’ to Pilot

23 June 2017 10:30 AM, PDT | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Syfy has ordered a pilot based on “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin’s novella “Nightflyers,” Variety has learned.

The network revealed they were developing the novella as a series back in May. It was previously adapted into the 1987 film of the same name. Jeff Buhler wrote the adaptation for television. The story follows eight maverick scientists and a powerful telepath who embark on an expedition to the edge of our solar system in the hopes of contacting alien life. They travel aboard The Nightflyer – a ship with a small tightknit crew and a reclusive captain. But when terrifying »

- Joe Otterson

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It’s a Coppola World: Inside the Filmmaking Co-Op That is Sofia, Eleanor, Roman, and Francis

8 hours ago | Thompson on Hollywood | See recent Thompson on Hollywood news »

Sofia Coppola is the promotional circuit with “The Beguiled” (June 23, Focus Features). So is her 81-year-old mother, Eleanor, who wrote and directed her first narrative feature, the romantic road movie “Paris Can Wait;” Sony Pictures Classics is releasing it around the country to strong reviews and box office. Mother and daughter will meet, with their films, at this week’s Munich International Film Festival, where they’ll be joined by the man who began the family film dynasty, Francis Ford Coppola.

Sofia and her older brother, director and screenwriter Roman Coppola, also own San Francisco production company American Zoetrope, which their father launched in 1979; Roman runs it day to day. “They seek each other’s help when it’s needed,” said long-time family producer and casting guru Fred Roos.

Roos has been Francis Ford’s producer and casting director since “The Godfather.” And from the beginning of Sofia’s career, »

- Anne Thompson

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‘Blade Runner’ Turns 35: The Unloved Film That Became a Classic

8 hours ago | Variety - Film News | See recent Variety - Film News news »

June 25 is the 35th anniversary of the 1982 Ridley Scott-directed “Blade Runner,” one of the all-time science-fiction classics. The long-planned sequel, “Blade Runner 2049,” starring Ryan Gosling, opens in October; earlier this year, director Denis Villeneuve told Variety’s “Playback” podcast that he felt a lot of pressure working on “the most risky project” of his life, because the original is so iconic.

But if it makes him feel better, the earlier film was not a big hit with audiences or critics when it opened. In the 21st century, that seems incredible — how could people not flip out? But “Blade Runner” was so radical that it took several years for its impact to sink in. Even the filmmakers had misgivings: there have been multiple re-edits over the years, trying to hit movie perfection.

Rotten Tomatoes says it was “misunderstood when it first hit theaters.” In the original review, Variety reflected a lot of the mixed reaction, saying »

- Tim Gray

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‘Feud’ Stars Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange on Plight of Hollywood Women: ‘We Were Aged Out’

38 minutes ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

This story about “Feud: Bette and Joan” first appeared in the Miniseries/Movies issue of TheWrap Emmy magazine. There’s a line that pops up several times in the limited run of “Feud: Bette and Joan,” and repetition does not make its sentiment any less true: “Feuds aren’t about hate, they’re about pain.” Ryan Murphy’s latest FX franchise digs deep into the mutually-inflicted wounds of show business icons Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, and the corporate and societal machinery that pitted them against each other. Murphy’s frequent leading lady Jessica Lange plays Crawford, and Susan Sarandon »

- Matt Donnelly

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Mark Hamill Deems Jar Jar Tongue Candy as Goofiest ‘Star Wars’ Merchandise Ever Created

47 minutes ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Mark Hamill is something of a merchandise connoisseur thanks to his decades starring in the nerdiest, most merchandise-heavy franchise in history and a lifetime of being into the hobby himself (see his show “Pop Culture Quest”). So when he deems something the goofiest piece of “Star Wars” merchandise he’s ever seen, we can trust that he speaks the truth. It all began on Wednesday, which was National Selfie Day, when Hamill tweeted a pic of himself wearing a shirt with his face on it. The Twitter account for Star Wars Reporter then sent him a tweet reminding him that there was. »

- Carli Velocci

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Audiences Are Vomiting, Screaming, and Fainting at Broadway’s 1984, but the Directors Aren’t Losing Sleep Over It

56 minutes ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

“We’re not trying to be willfully assaultive or exploitatively shock people.” »

- David Canfield

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'Toy Story' Writer Andrew Stanton Debunks Backstory of Andy's Dad

1 hour ago | The Hollywood Reporter - Movie News | See recent The Hollywood Reporter - Movie News news »

Pixar's Andrew Stanton, who served as a writer on each Toy Story film in the blockbuster animated series, has declared the viral backstory of Andy's father false.

"Complete and utter fake news. Everyone go back to your homes. Nothing to see here, folks. #iwasthere," Stanton tweeted shortly after the story, told by product designer and reviewer Mike Mozart, went viral.

Complete and utter fake news. Everyone go back to your homes. Nothing to see here, folks. #Iwasthere https://t.co/06j37YKKt2

— andrew stanton (@andrewstanton) June 24, 2017

Mozart claimed to be »

- Patrick Shanley

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‘Five Came Back’ can’t compete at Oscars but could win Emmy

2 hours ago | Gold Derby | See recent Gold Derby news »

At this year’s Oscars, the five-part series “O.J.: Made in America” won Best Documentary Feature. This epic eight-hour film, that had been made for the cable TV network Espn, prevailed over four standard-length documentaries. The resulting brouhaha caused the academy to rule that such extended fare was no longer eligible for consideration. That tweak to […] »

- Paul Sheehan

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Dan Harmon Reassures ‘Rick and Morty’ Fans That Season 3 Is Happening

2 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Rick and Morty” co-creator Dan Harmon went on a positive Twitter rant over the weekend reassuring fans that behind-the-scenes issues are not to blame for the prolonged absence of Season 3. Harmon also confirmed that he and fellow co-creator Justin Roiland are not feuding over the Adult Swim animated comedy, contrary to reports.

Early Saturday morning, Harmon responded to a “RaM” fan’s apprehension that the massive popularity of the series has outweighed his and Roiland’s desire to make the show.

This is the nicest phrasing of this concern in TV history and I promise it will not happen. RaM dies of satisfaction in..I'm guessing 2040 https://t.co/hoe0f1NGzR

Dan Harmon (@danharmon) June 24, 2017

The initial Twitter exchange resulted in a massive 26-tweet-long message dispelling any and all rumors that production has halted. The reason it seems for Season 3 to be taking longer than expected? Simple: Quality over quantity.

“A »

- JD Knapp

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Dan Harmon Shuts Down Rumors About ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 3 Delay

3 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Rick and Morty” creator Dan Harmon took to Twitter Saturday to shut down rumors that the reason Season 3 was taking so long was because of his feud with co-creator and star Justin Roiland. Instead, he said that the delay is because writing a successful TV show that’s a critical and fan darling is hard. “The reason S3 took long is because it took long to write, because it was S3 of a show that we were scared to make worse than S2 or S1,” he tweeted. “It’s a common yet odd phenomenon. Tail-chasing, perfectionism, overthinking?” Fans have been eagerly waiting for. »

- Carli Velocci

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‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017: Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer broke your heart the most [Poll Results]

4 hours ago | Gold Derby | See recent Gold Derby news »

Child ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer broke your heart the most during the first few weeks of “America’s Got Talent” 2017, say 46% of readers who voted in our recent poll. The Season 12 standout from Oklahoma City, Ok became the recipient of Mel B‘s Golden Buzzer on the reality TV show after she revealed that […] »

- Marcus James Dixon

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‘Game of Thrones': New Data Shows Which Characters Are the Most Important

4 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

I was having a conversation with a co-worker the other day when he asked me who the main character on “Game of Thrones” was going into Season 7. Although Sansa certainly shows up the most in the recent trailer, I didn’t have a definitive answer. Luckily, new data provides better insight into the importance of the HBO show’s gigantic cast of characters and asserts who might be the show’s main character. And according to that data, it’s everybody’s favorite scarred — alcoholic dwarf Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage. Analytics firm Looker got its hands on some data from across the internet. »

- Carli Velocci

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YouTuber Hannah Hart Dishes on New Food Network Series ‘I Hart Food’

4 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Hannah Hart is about to hit the road for her new Food Network series, “I Hart Food.” The six-episode order was first confirmed in summer of 2016, but Hart and the network both revealed new details about the show heading into the weekend.

The YouTube star will serve as host and executive producer on the project. She commented on her cross-country, culinary road trip in a Food Network blog post Thursday night.

“Food Network has been an incredible partner and I’m really proud of the show we made together. I am so excited to share the experiences of extraordinary meals and the chefs who shared their passions and expertise with me on ‘I Hart Food,'” wrote Hart. “I’m a major food enthusiast, and this show is perfect for those who have an insatiable appetite for all things food,” she continued.

Chief programming, content, and brand officer for Scripps Network Interactive Kathleen Finch sounded equally pleased »

- JD Knapp

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Mick Fleetwood Turns 70: Watch Him Bang Out an Insane Drum Solo (Video)

5 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

Fleetwood Mac has had a change or two of style along their 50-year incarnation, but one thing has not changed, and that is the genius of its namesake, Mick Fleetwood. Today, in honor of his 70th birthday, TheWrap takes a look at the talent of one of the best drummers of all-time, from a 2015 concert in Minnesota (above, starting at the 4:32 mark) to the classic “percussion vest solo” (below). Fleetwood’s skill with a pair of sticks is no joke. At a young age, he taught himself how to play the drums and never stopped. The band’s first album “Peter. »

- Rosemary Rossi

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‘Playing House’s’ Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham on Why Season 3 is the ‘Most Important’ Work They’ve Ever Done

5 hours ago | Variety - TV News | See recent Variety - TV News news »

Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the entire third season of “Playing House,” available now on the USA App and VOD.

Midway through “Playing House’s” third season, Jessica St. Clair‘s Emma gets diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a story ripped from the headlines of St. Clair’s own life, who received her diagnosis only one week after finishing the second season in 2015. She then underwent a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Lennon Parham, her co-star and co-creator of “Playing House,” was by her side every step of the way, taking notes on doctor appointments, medications, and even what elements of this unexpected journey would make for powerful storytelling on their show.

Variety spoke to St. Clair and Parham about how they decided what parts of the cancer journey to explore on-screen, drawing inspiration from “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” and why they feel this more serious season is the most important work »

- Danielle Turchiano

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Dan Harmon Implores Us All to Be Patient for Rick and Morty’s Next Season

5 hours ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

“The truth in this case is so very boring.” »

- Devon Ivie

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Johnny Depp’s Former Business Managers Allege Depp Abused Amber Heard

5 hours ago | Vulture | See recent Vulture news »

He was reportedly “extremely volatile.” »

- Jenni Miller

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Keanu Reeves Addresses Those Immortality Rumors (Video)

6 hours ago | The Wrap | See recent The Wrap news »

You may not have known this, or you may have suspected it, but Keanu Reeves is immortal. At least, that’s what the internet says, since multiple men have been found throughout history that bear a striking resemblance to the “Matrix” actor. Jimmy Fallon addressed the rumors on “The Tonight Show” Friday, pulling up old portraits submitted to keanuisimmortal.com and asking Reeves if he saw a resemblance. Also Read: 'John Wick: Chapter 2' Review: Keanu Reeves Kills Again in Action-Packed Sequel The first figure Fallon brings out is the artist Parmigianino, who painted the self-portrait in 1504-1540. YouTube Reeves, »

- Carli Velocci

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